Sunday, November 18, 2007

Your General Lack of Awareness Has Never Been So Stylish

Everyone's been there before: you wake up, look over at your alarm clock and say to yourself, " it's obviously 7:45 a.m., but good god, what day of the week is it?" These days, if you don't have access to a newspaper, television, radio, computer, family member, friend, neighbor, passerby, digital wristwatch or calendar, you'll never know! Enter the Day Clock, the latest addition to SkyMall's arsenal of products for the vacuous consumer.

The product details christen the Day Clock "a great conversation piece." Great conversations may include the following remarks: "are you serious," "wow, you're completely serious," and
"my cousin in solitary confinement would love one of these."


Aparna said...

this blog is incredible. this comment applies to every post. i would buy this blog if it were sold in the sky mall.

Monica Hamburg said...

This post was hilarious. Glad you found some practical purpose for the DayClock.

Anonymous said...

Be even more stylish and have one for each time zone!