Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Scarecrows are for Pussies

Nothing says stay off my lawn like Big Foot. Standing proud at over 2 feet this lawn yeti is sure to keep all those pesky intruders at bay, and perhaps even get your garden published in National Enquirer!


charlie s. said...


Please send me your email address. While I cannot be sure of your religion (although no Jew would make this many errors) I feel that, for the holidays, you would greatly benefit from my fifth edition of Strunk & White's Elements of Style (2005). In the meantime, run your submissions by Nate for quality control. Nate, throw these submissions in the trash - I'm not even sure if they were readable that they would be funny.


Charles Thomast

Kelly said...
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Anonymous said...

You are ridiculous. Also, in reference to your post that was in "Long Live the King" the word "ugghhh" is grammatically incorrect. It is spelled "ugh". I think you would greatly benefit from Webster's dictionary. You want everyone else to be so perfect, so why not start with yourself.

Keep doing your thing because you are GREAT at it!!! Unfortunately Charles has no life and because his Mom won't let him outside to interact with real people, he has to establish contact through the internet.