Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wait ...Your Snowshovel Doesn't Have a Wheel On It? Weird.

Skymall admits that "at first glance, the Wovel might appear to the layperson to be a novel-looking device counterintuitive to effective snow removal." This may seem fairly derrogatory, especially when one considers that a) snowshoveling is about the most "lay" activity imaginable and b) it's called a "Wovel," but the magazine of the skies has your best interest in mind. Or should I say "back interest" --

"the Wovel is an elegant and efficient design based on two of the oldest and most commonplace scientific principles ever put into use: the wheel and the lever...Now, with virtually no effort, you can throw snow without twisting or lifting. Designed to greatly reduce physical strain and the risks of back and heart injuries associated with shoveling."

The choice is obvious. Why throw away money on a snowblower when you can could enjoy the same level of ease with a more traditional wheeled shovel that only costs $114.95?


Adam Teslik said...

i doubt this device's ability to throw snow.

buckwheaton said...

I can confirm that this device has the ability to throw snow. My girlfriend's mother has one. Fact.

Anonymous said...

This is no new invention. The amish have been using horse drawn wovels for years.