Friday, May 30, 2008

Running for Sport or Running for Your Life? No One Will Be Able to Tell When You Do It in Sandals

Peel your SunChip-encrusted lips from that Sherlock, dirty fucking hippies, a struggling American retail industry is pandering to your crunchy asses! Flee from freaky-deeky creditors in style and comfort -- Skymall's Bite Xtension Performance Running Sandals offer ambiguous technologies like the "Enerflow Outsole System" and "sculpted phylon highwall midsole." They aren't just "The world's coolest running sandal," they are the world's only running sandal.


Cissy Fenwick said...

put on you sandals and run for you life down to SSSSAAAAAANNNNNDDDDAAAAAAAAALLLLLSSSSSS

chaco sandals said...

Love this sandals...great review..