Monday, February 23, 2009

A Refrigerator for Tools! Also, Discrete Alcoholics.

For $300, you can slightly impress a fellow tool-head with the Tool Box Refrigerator. Then you will be pressured into offering them a beverage.

Monday, February 16, 2009

That Shade Looks Real Good ... IN HELL

Well well, somebody got themselves an adorable new mirror to freshen up with. Heading out tonight, sweetheart? Looking for a little trouble? Oh, you'll find trouble all right. Couple of more touchups in that mirror and you'll be unstoppable. Set'em up and knock'em down, baby. KNOCK'EM ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HELL!

Looks Are Gonna Kill Today, Hairless Vixen ... KILL IN HELL

Oh yeah, baby's looking good today. Pretty girl. Pretty, pretty girl. You know what they say -- pretty girls always get the pretty boys. And pretty boys always have such pretty, delectible souls. Just a couple of more dabs on my sniffer and baby's stepping out for a little lunch... in HELL!!!

Creepy Pillow Really Enjoys Sitting With You on the Couch, Isn't Afraid to Talk About It.

Step Aside, "Milliliters" -- This Measuring Cup's Got Real-World Conversions People Can Understand.

Skymall asked people like you what they thought about the state of relative measurement in our country today. The response was overwhelming.
"Fuck 'cups' and 'tablespoons,'" you said. "Give us 'cumulus clouds the size of a bus' and 'body cells that die on a good day.'"
You're welcome, America.

New Ultraviolet Toiletlight Takes the Gamble Out of Night-Pooping

Lights for toilet paper, flusher and sink sold seperately.

Now THAT's Recycling!

You've been hand-sorting your recyclables like a chump for too long. Time to step up your game. Reasonably priced at $300.00, the All-in-One Recycling Center is the must-have product for any recession.